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This comes from Soviet TV, 1976, and is easily one of the worst lip-synch jobs I've ever seen:

My favorite part starts around 1:25 where he yodels and then tries to hit the bottom of his range.
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Sometimes you have to share....

I was using Wikipedia to look something up for work when I came across today's Article Of The Day.

I'm moved to tears...of laughter.
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A former KLIV colleague, John Lee, pointed these out to me on Facebook. The concept: What if people in the music videos were actually singing about what they were doing? The result is "Literal Videos." Click this to see four of them by the guy who originated them )

Apparently some of the videos have been pulled off of YouTube because Warner Records thinks there's some kind of copyright violation. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is already taking up the cause, noting that this is clearly fair use as a parody and that the guy who did them isn't making any money off them.
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Keith Urban (country singer married to Nicole Kidman) has a video you can customize a la "Mad Libs" at

I took a few, uh, "liberties" with the input, and the safe-for-work (albeit noisy) result is here:

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This is a hoot.
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This showed up in my e-mail this morning and it was too good to not share. I have no idea who wrote it; if I did, I'd credit the author.
Most of us are familiar with the "Who's On First?" exchange between Bud Abbott and Lou Costello. And anyone who has experienced frustration with modern tech support (often a paradox in itself, sort of like the term, "jumbo shrimp") will relate to this updated take on the classic baseball routine.

Here's what would happen in today's world if Costello were to call to buy a computer from Abbott. Costello Calls to Buy a Computer From Abbott )
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Someone sent me this in e-mail today.
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Someone found this in a New York grocery store this past weekend:

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This video is a documentary about the prisoners at the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in the Philippines. It's work-safe and just under 10 minutes long.

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Even though it's in Tagalog, they drop into English enough for you to follow what's going on (IMHO). For those of you who want to know what they're saying, here's the same documentary with English subtitles:

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It's at this link:

When you go there, notice the button in the upper right corner.
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I ganked this from [ profile] qfyd.

Here's a link to a version of the video you can download.

Here's a video of them on American TV (Jimmy Kimmel Live) with subtitles translating what they're singing, along with a downloadable version.

This page has more information on the whole Yatta thing, and here's another copy of the lyrics.

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