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I just learned about the sudden death of [ profile] keristor a few hours ago. I am in shock.

I first met Chris Croughton at my first full Worldcon, Magicon, in Orlando in '91. I enjoyed hanging with him at cons where we were both in attendance. He was friendly, fun, and someone I always looked forward to seeing. I also chatted quite a bit with him online (the two of us both being tech-geeks and around the same age). I remember how he beamed when he accepted his Filk Hall of Fame award when he was at FKO with the N'Early Music Consort. He later told me about how hard it was not to "burst out" to anyone about it.

I enjoyed his cheerfulness, his knowledge, and most of all, his sense of humor.

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In a nutshell:
  1. Paul Metz's memorial, followed by a double birthday party.
    Can we say "emotional see-saw?" I offered to speak (I knew him a long time, got to watch him grow up, and I'm a "professional voice"). I was fried after that. [ profile] dimakoi and I carpooled, shlepping from one affair to the other. We got out of the memorial later than planned because we kept running into folks we hadn't seen in ages and who we missed. When we finally got to the party, I was too tired to change into something more appropriate for the party (Hawaiian themed), even with Hawaiian shirts lying in front of me. I needed the party after the memorial, but I was frazzled.

  2. Steve Jobs died.
    If I said I was surprised by this, I'd be lying through my teeth. It was a case of deja vu for me because my father lost his fight with cancer within a month of being told he had to sell his dental practice. Like Steve Jobs, Dad was a workaholic. Dad was also 56 when he died.

    As for Steve, I didn't really know him, but I met him on a couple of occasions and even got to chat with him briefly. He was very nice to me, although I suspected it was partly because I was one of the few reporters who wasn't asking a question that showed a lack of understanding about computers. (For the record, I asked about the pronunciation of his name; back then, you'd hear it as both "johbs" and "jahbs," and I cared enough to get it right.)

  3. I made plane and car rental arrangements to go to New Jersey next month.
    I'm visiting my relatives for the first time in 3 1/2 years. Am I nervous? A little. Am I looking forward to it? Yeah. When my cousins and I get together, we kind of fall into place as if we hadn't been apart. I'm going to my cousin Sophie's Bat Mitzvah, and as usual, I've been searching for the right fabric. At the Fabric Outlet in San Francisco I found a knit ultrasuede in a smoky blue and pale pink that's sort of smudged and swirled almost like a tie-dye. It's color-appropriate for my palette and for the time of year (November). Better yet, it was 40% off! I wanted to make something with a little stretch because I expect to gain weight before the affair. I'll have been at my mother's house (aka The House Of Food) for two days, and Mom will likely want to feed me 3 1/2 years of home cooking in less than a week. Mom is starting to fill her two refrigerators and full-sized freezer with stuff she knows I'll want to consume.

    Btw, I'm flying into Philadelphia, so if any of you want me to shlep a care package from the Silicon Valley to your kid going to school out there (I'm not naming names, but you know who you are), please let me know. I'm taking two large suitcases, and I plan on filling one with stuff that isn't coming back with me.

  4. My energy is slowly coming back.
    Once the clostridium difficile infection left my body, it was as if someone stopped sucking out my energy with a hypodermic needle. This Is Good. Sometimes I am exhausted after work, but I kick ass when I'm on the clock.

  5. My kitchen appliances are all dying at once.
    Before I spend my work money on anything fun, I need a new refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher. If I had the $$$ I'd get a dual-fuel range, but I don't, so I'm going with the cheapest electric non-flat-top stove I can stand. I've been researching this, but any additional input is welcomed.
Compared to some of the stuff other folks I know are going through (esp. my fiancé), my life has been pleasantly dull for a change.
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When: Saturday, October 1st, 11:30am
Where: 1st Congregational Church of San Jose, 1980 Hamilton Avenue, San Jose, CA - nearest cross-street is Leigh Avenue

Service will be in the sanctuary with a reception to follow in the Fellowship Hall.

As for helping Stephanie, Brendan, and Morgan:
  • Someone has set up a fund to help Stephanie and the boys. For more information on how to donate, contact
  • Some of Paul's PayPal colleagues have set up a fund. For information, click here.
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My dear friend Paul killed himself this past Saturday. I knew he was in bad shape mentally, but I hoped he'd pull out of it.

Paul was the kind of guy legends are made of. Stories about Paul behind the cut-tag. )The world was a better place because he was in it. I miss you, my virtual kid brother.
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Given someone experiencing the following:
  • a couple of ulcers on their big toe
  • infected bone underneath the ulcers
  • when they go to the hospital they are suddenly diagnosed with Type II diabetes
  • they have never been treated with antibiotics for the toe
  • there's cellulitis (infected skin) on the top of the affected toe and foot
Can this person's big toe possibly be saved, or does it have to be amputated?

More to the point, is cutting off the big toe hyper-aggressive treatment if antibiotics weren't tried first?

I'm trying to find this out ASAP for a friend who looks like he's about to have his big toe lopped off this afternoon.
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I just learned of [ profile] saveours00j and wanted to spread the word. I'm still trying to figure out how I can contribute.
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As many of you who read my posts know, [ profile] filkergem died this weekend in a house fire. His wife, [ profile] kyttn and stepdaughter [ profile] lovensong87 are without a home or anything in it.

If you can afford to donate, click this link:

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We just got the news at Conflikt about Greg McMullan perishing in a house fire. My heart goes out to [ profile] kyttn and the rest of their family.

I've always viewed Greg ([ profile] filkergem) as a bastion of sanity with his posts about things like exercise and dealing with his parents' illnesses. I'm in shock right now; I suspect it'll hit me harder later.
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I got the bad news from [ profile] sfo2lhr that my friend Andy Purshottam died at his home in Kensington sometime last week. I don't know the details yet, but I'm in shock.

There aren't a lot of folks I can think of who are universally liked by everyone who meets them. I'm sure as heck not one of them! Andy was one of those folks. I always enjoyed running into him at parties and other events, as he always had something interesting to say.

The memory of him that keeps coming into my head the most is of a Kabuki West dinner years ago. Andy was sitting to my right and was weaseling a family recipe out of the guy sitting across from him. The cuisine had nothing to do with what we were eating that night, but Andy was a big-time foodie.

I was surprised to learn he was born in Bombay, India. I had always assumed he was California-born because he embraced and understood all the different cultures around him and was always eager to learn more. OTOH, he and his parents came to the U.S. when he was two years old. I don't think he ever went back to India.

I hadn't seen him in a while, but I figured it was due to my schedule being overloaded rather than something weird about his. I still don't know whether his death was expected or a shocker to those who saw him on a regular basis. I do know it's a shocker to me.

Andy, rest in peace. If there is good food wherever you are, be prepared to point it out to the rest of us when we join you.

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