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In a nutshell:
  1. Paul Metz's memorial, followed by a double birthday party.
    Can we say "emotional see-saw?" I offered to speak (I knew him a long time, got to watch him grow up, and I'm a "professional voice"). I was fried after that. [ profile] dimakoi and I carpooled, shlepping from one affair to the other. We got out of the memorial later than planned because we kept running into folks we hadn't seen in ages and who we missed. When we finally got to the party, I was too tired to change into something more appropriate for the party (Hawaiian themed), even with Hawaiian shirts lying in front of me. I needed the party after the memorial, but I was frazzled.

  2. Steve Jobs died.
    If I said I was surprised by this, I'd be lying through my teeth. It was a case of deja vu for me because my father lost his fight with cancer within a month of being told he had to sell his dental practice. Like Steve Jobs, Dad was a workaholic. Dad was also 56 when he died.

    As for Steve, I didn't really know him, but I met him on a couple of occasions and even got to chat with him briefly. He was very nice to me, although I suspected it was partly because I was one of the few reporters who wasn't asking a question that showed a lack of understanding about computers. (For the record, I asked about the pronunciation of his name; back then, you'd hear it as both "johbs" and "jahbs," and I cared enough to get it right.)

  3. I made plane and car rental arrangements to go to New Jersey next month.
    I'm visiting my relatives for the first time in 3 1/2 years. Am I nervous? A little. Am I looking forward to it? Yeah. When my cousins and I get together, we kind of fall into place as if we hadn't been apart. I'm going to my cousin Sophie's Bat Mitzvah, and as usual, I've been searching for the right fabric. At the Fabric Outlet in San Francisco I found a knit ultrasuede in a smoky blue and pale pink that's sort of smudged and swirled almost like a tie-dye. It's color-appropriate for my palette and for the time of year (November). Better yet, it was 40% off! I wanted to make something with a little stretch because I expect to gain weight before the affair. I'll have been at my mother's house (aka The House Of Food) for two days, and Mom will likely want to feed me 3 1/2 years of home cooking in less than a week. Mom is starting to fill her two refrigerators and full-sized freezer with stuff she knows I'll want to consume.

    Btw, I'm flying into Philadelphia, so if any of you want me to shlep a care package from the Silicon Valley to your kid going to school out there (I'm not naming names, but you know who you are), please let me know. I'm taking two large suitcases, and I plan on filling one with stuff that isn't coming back with me.

  4. My energy is slowly coming back.
    Once the clostridium difficile infection left my body, it was as if someone stopped sucking out my energy with a hypodermic needle. This Is Good. Sometimes I am exhausted after work, but I kick ass when I'm on the clock.

  5. My kitchen appliances are all dying at once.
    Before I spend my work money on anything fun, I need a new refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher. If I had the $$$ I'd get a dual-fuel range, but I don't, so I'm going with the cheapest electric non-flat-top stove I can stand. I've been researching this, but any additional input is welcomed.
Compared to some of the stuff other folks I know are going through (esp. my fiancé), my life has been pleasantly dull for a change.
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Nobody cares about what their friends look like. They care about what their friends smell like.
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When: Saturday, October 1st, 11:30am
Where: 1st Congregational Church of San Jose, 1980 Hamilton Avenue, San Jose, CA - nearest cross-street is Leigh Avenue

Service will be in the sanctuary with a reception to follow in the Fellowship Hall.

As for helping Stephanie, Brendan, and Morgan:
  • Someone has set up a fund to help Stephanie and the boys. For more information on how to donate, contact
  • Some of Paul's PayPal colleagues have set up a fund. For information, click here.
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My dear friend Paul killed himself this past Saturday. I knew he was in bad shape mentally, but I hoped he'd pull out of it.

Paul was the kind of guy legends are made of. Stories about Paul behind the cut-tag. )The world was a better place because he was in it. I miss you, my virtual kid brother.
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Last week my adorable but not technogeeky fiancé was at my house and said, "You somehow managed to get a cord caught in your shredder."

This sounded absurd. First of all, I rarely use my shredder; he uses it more than I do. When I do use it, there aren't any cords near the blades. The rest of the week I continued on with my job search, life, and so forth, wondering why there were no new messages on my answering machine. I figured he was clearing it remotely (he gets messages on my machine).

Last night I tried answering the phone that has the answering machine attached, only it was dead. In a classic case of "Yeah, you can smell this one coming," I followed the power cord and phone cord and discovered the latter had somehow been cut in half. I have no idea how he got the phone cord stuck in the shredder; all I could do was burst out laughing. Fortunately, I had a spare phone cable (hey, I'm a geek!) I could use to hook up the machine.

The reason I was in the computer room was I was suddenly unable to connect to my home network. Around a month ago my backup drive stopped appearing on my home network. I had tried power-cycling it. I reseated the connection. No luck. I've been having to power cycle the router a lot in the last couple of months because my wireless printer kept falling off the home network.

Last night my wireless router was D-E-A-D. The power was connected. It was plugged in. This router is I-forget-how-many-years-old; it's 802.11g, and at the time it was the top-of-the-line protocol available. The only reason I can connect to the net wirelessly right now is there's a Google WiFi transponder across the street from my house. It's slow, it's clunky, and it's not secure, but at least I can sort of get to the net till I go out and buy a new router.

Yesterday someone asked me if I'd ever configured a router. Heh. It's time for me to turn into the Good Router Configuration Fairy. I bet my other networking problems are suddenly going to go away real soon....
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This was my view when I arrived home from work this evening:

That's not a blur on the photo; that's a double rainbow.
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On the way home, something horrible happened to Studmuffin (my new MacBook Pro). I'd been having random problems with the graphics for a while, but it went really wonky when I got home from Conflikt. I took Studmuffin to the Apple Store Monday evening after work. They quoted me "five to ten business days." I'm typing this on my fully-repaired Studmuffin now. This was way faster than I expected to get my computer back.

To think, folks wonder why Apple customers are so loyal....
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I used to have a life. It was a very busy one, but I enjoyed every minute of the business, whether it was hopping from one job to the next, practicing guitar, arranging music, or going to science fiction and filk conventions.

The other day I had a job interview. One of the questions I was asked was what I did when I wasn't working. All I could think of was cuddling my dog and way too much elder care. Way too much. I've hit what I call "trauma point" with it, and it scares me. When I'm not doing elder care, I'm busy coming up with ways to avoid doing elder care. Sometimes I'll carpool to his house with [ profile] dimakoi so he can't arm twist me into staying there. Other times I'll leave Lady home so I have an excuse to go back home (gotta take care of the dog, right?). I love him and his parents, but I don't like staying in a nursing home, waking up to the smell of elder-poo in the morning or getting hit head-on by the smell of elder-pee when I open the guest room door to go to the bathroom.

Since the interview I've started finding time to arrange music and do other things for myself despite the needs of my fiancé and his parents. My own mother went in for knee replacement surgery last week, yet I was busy taking care of his parents instead of my own.

I am hoping I didn't blow the interview because I've been arm-twisted way too much into doing tasks that totally suck out my soul.

Laugh OTD

Jun. 3rd, 2010 10:51 am
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This morning a recruiter called to ask me if I was available for a contract. I of course said "yes."

"Do you have Oracle database experience?"

"I think so." (I worked at Oracle for three years.)

"Do you know what 'SQL' [pronounced "see-quel") is?"

"Of course! Structured Query Language."

"Are you sure?"


"I ask because we sent two candidates to the client, and neither of them knew what it was. When the interviewer asked what 'SQL' stands for, the candidate asked, 'Can you spell that?'"
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The other day I went to the worker's comp dentist to have my teeth looked at.

The good news: I'm getting feeling back in my lower front teeth (the ones that lost it after I broke my jaw).

The bad news: It hurts, and it's going to continue to hurt as the nerves grow back.
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This comes from Soviet TV, 1976, and is easily one of the worst lip-synch jobs I've ever seen:

My favorite part starts around 1:25 where he yodels and then tries to hit the bottom of his range.
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  • 11:50 Out of context QOTD: If I can get through Mitosis, I can get through anything.

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Blog It on Facebook seems to want to let me post to LJ using an app where I have to specifically post to LJ. This is from that app. This is soooo not what I want.
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I know there's a way to have one's LiveJournal posts go to Facebook. What I would like is the reverse -- for my status updates on Facebook to go to my LJ the way my Twitter posts (tweets?) do with LoudTweet.

Does anyone know of something out there that'll do this? Thanks in advance....
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  • 23:51 Testing synchronization between services.

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Enough folks are posting obits that I figured I'd instead post some video. Note that this is NSFW unless no one can see your screen.

The background: It was Soupy's birthday in 1959. The crew was playing a practical joke on him for his birthday by putting a stripper behind the door during his live TV show. Luckily for Soupy and his career, the version where you could see what he was seeing never got aired.

Update: YouTube yanked the original video, which included the version folks actually saw on TV. I found this on the Internet Archives.
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On my Windoze box (XP Professional), Thunderbird suddenly lost all my folders in my IMAP mailbox. I've tried tweaking the profiles, editing the profiles, deleting the .msf files from the profiles, and deleting and re-creating the mailbox -- to no avail.

How can I get Thunderbird to access all my folders again? They're still on the server (it's a Linux-based IMAP server and I've got shell access).

Any and all help would be appreciated.


When I go to "subscribe" to the folders under my IMAP folder, they don't exist, even when I click "refresh".

I have tried removing and recreating my mailbox to no avail; it still comes up as if the folders don't exist when I try to "subscribe" to them.
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I've been doing a lot more cooking over the last few months, and I figure I ought to share a little bit.

This week I got to try out a Vidalia Chop Wizard at Warren's house. He didn't know his folks even had one. I used it to make soup this week, and it worked like a champ. You have to cut vegetables down to size, but that didn't surprise me. Whoever bought it had thrown out the box and whatever documentation came with it, so I didn't know it was dishwasher-safe. Still, I was very impressed. When I can justify the expense, I Want One.

I've been looking at food choppers. Grandmom used to have a device similar to the "Slap Chop" for chopping nuts, so I was curious. I tested out a "Slap Chop" this week and was underwhelmed, as the thing didn't rotate as promised. I also tested one by Cuisinart and couldn't get the thing back together. The only one that appears to be dishwasher-safe is the KitchenAid one. More research is necessary. I made the mistake of buying a food chopper for $5 at the Grocery Outlet, only to find out the chopper I bought doesn't rotate. Meh. Useless. The garlic stuck to it. I want the performance Brian Boitano gets with his, which apparently was under $20.

This past week's soup was French Lentil with Turkey Kielbasa. Click here for the recipe. )

The soup was a major hit. Everyone took seconds. I was able to let it cook while I did other things (like work, help Warren's mother, work, eat, work....).

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